3 Reasons to Take Dance Lessons Before the Wedding

There are endless details to account for when planning your wedding. There are SO many details in fact, that some of the seemingly smaller moments might get overlooked. The First Dance is often one of the first details to go by the wayside, which is why you've been to wedding after wedding where the first dance is just an awkward sway + make out session while the guests are forced to watch... It's pretty awkward when you put it like that, isn't it...? But beyond just avoiding awkwardness, there are tons of great reasons to take dance lessons before your wedding. Here are our 3 BEST reasons to get you feeling inspired to find your local dance studio, put on your boogie shoes, and get some pointers for your first dance:

1. Spend Quality Time Together

Wedding planning can be tough: families at odds, thousands of decisions to make, pressure to make every little thing perfect... So how do you remedy all that stress? Building in a date night for you and your fiance to just relax and enjoy each other's company is CRUCIAL to your happiness as a couple when wedding planning gets tough. Scheduling a weekly dance lesson is a great way to unwind, laugh, smile, and hold your partner in your arms for a whole hour. It might sound a little crazy that learning to dance would be "relaxing" especially if you've never done it before. But, with the right teacher, you'll feel confident, comfortable, and have a great time learning together. We've had countless couples tell us that dance lessons were their favorite part of wedding planning. Yes, even better than the cake tasting ;)

2. Create Something Truly Unique for Your Big Day

All of your wedding planning efforts (unless you're a DIY-er) involve selecting other professionals to create something beautiful and show up with it on your wedding day. Whether that's centerpieces, your dress, your hair and makeup, table linens, food, the cake, etc., you get to pick it all out, but you don't have any part in that final product. With your first dance, you are in complete control of how it goes on your wedding day. Whether you decide to just learn a couple of basics to lead and follow or if you prepare a fully choreographed first dance, this is your moment to shine, be creative, and truly show who you are as a couple.


3. Keep Your Dancing Skills Forever

Like learning any new skill, if you continue the practice, you'll never lose it. When you learn to dance with your fiance before the wedding, you'll have those skills forever! Want to groove in the living room? Done! Going to a friend's wedding next year? Already awesome dancers! The greatest thing about learning to dance is that it's an activity and a hobby that you and your partner can share for the rest of your lives, any time the mood strikes. There's no better way to kick off a lifetime of togetherness than finding an activity you can always enjoy together.

Learn to dance for your wedding!