make your first dance a moment to remember.

It doesn't matter if you've never set foot on a dance floor in your life! Whether you want to just learn some basics or wow your guests with a fully choreographed dance, we’ll collaborate to turn you into the dancers you want to be. 

We are SO incredibly grateful to you for helping us get through the most terrifying part of our wedding! We had so much (unexpected) fun during the lessons.
— Dianne S.

Where? Our home studio is located near Constitution & Union in Colorado Springs, Co.

When? Lessons are by appointment. Both day time and evening appointments are available. Please contact us for current availability.

Send us an email to start the conversation or schedule your first lesson!

Every time we think of our wedding planning and wedding itself, we remember how much fun we had learning to dance with you.
— Kate S

We are an LGBTQ+ friendly wedding dance & wedding photography studio. 


Additional wedding dance services

  • First dance song cutting

  • Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dance instruction

  • Consultation and dance song advising (first dance, parent dances, etc.)

  • First Dance Choreography

  • Venue Rehearsal (take a private lesson at your venue)

  • "Skype" Lesson or Venue Walkthrough (for destination weddings)

  • Professional videography of your first dance (in studio or at the wedding)

  • Bachelorette Dance Parties

First Dance Options & Ideas

If you're unsure what you want your first dance to be like, not to fear! We will help you create a plan that fits your timeframe, budget, and goals. Here are just a few options to help you think about your first dance.

Just the Basics

JC & Gaby's fun and flirty first dance

Your main question about dancing might be: "where do I put my hands?" or "how do I not fall down?" If you're hoping to just take the "awkward high school sway" to the next level, we've got your back! We recommend taking at least two 90-minute lessons if this is your goal.

Full Choreography

A romantic outdoor dancing moment

You want to have a blast dancing at your wedding and you want to WOW the heck out of your friends and family. If you imagine fun spins, romantic dips, and a clear cut plan for your first dance, we'll craft a show-stopping routine that suits your personalities. We recommend taking at least eight 90-minute lessons if this is your goal.

Something in Between

A fun and exciting first dance by Isaac & Glory

You want more than a next-level sway, but less than a fully choreographed dance. You are not alone. In fact, the majority of our couples want something in between. If you want to have a fun first dance, but not go over the top, we'll teach you the basics of moving together + some flair here and there. We recommend taking at least four 90-minute lessons if this is your goal.



Other Dance Lesson Services


Father Daughter / Mother Son Dance Lessons

A beautiful outdoor father/daughter dance

A great way to spend time together and involve your parents in the wedding planning process.

  • Private lessons (same rates as above)

Plan your own dance party

group dance class at a wedding

Plan a group dance class for your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridesmaids & groomsmen, or even your wedding reception!

  • $200 for up to 10 people

  • 45 minute group class

Date Night Dance LessonS

Date Night Dance Lesson

Sometimes you need a reason to hold your loved one close and just dance without any specific goal in mind. Enjoy a fun date night lesson aside from your first dance prep to just relax and enjoy each other's company.


Wedding Dance Lesson FAQs


+ How many wedding dance lessons do we need?

Every couple is unique. You will have your own unique song choice, goals, prior experience, time frame, and learning style, which will all dictate the ultimate number of lessons you take. Instead of deciding on a set number of lessons, set goals of what you hope to accomplish or a realistic plan for how often you can take lessons leading up to the wedding based on your schedule and finances. It's best to continue with lessons until you feel comfortable and confident with what you've learned. Once we meet with you and find out what you're hoping to accomplish, we can create a plan together. If you're not sure whether or not dance lessons are a good fit for you or if you have LOTS of questions, let's schedule a phone chat!

As a general guideline, we recommend no less than two 90-minute lessons for just getting the basics. If you'd like to learn fun spins, dips, etc. to spice things up, we recommend no less than four 90-minute lessons. If you'd like to do a fully choreographed dance, we recommend no less than eight 90-minute lessons.


While the majority of planning involves hiring professionals to ensure awesomeness on your wedding day, when it comes to your first dance, the final product is up to you to execute with grace! We understand this might be the busiest time of your life: working, wedding planning, and still trying to maintain fun and romance in your relationship, so your schedules might dictate frequency of lessons. If that's the case, we will find realistic goals to fit that schedule. With that said, learning progresses best with a set schedule and frequency of taking lessons at least twice per month with some practic ein between.


For someone who has never danced before, it's hard to imagine what learning to dance will be like, especially with the added pressure of performing in front of friends and family! To give you some point of reference, learning to dance is a lot like learning a musical instrument, a sport, or any other new skill that you've learned before. It's exciting, it's challenging, and it's rewarding. By taking dance lessons with us, you can expect to learn:

  • The dance steps or choreography that fits your song choice and style
  • How to move confidently with your partner beyond just the first dance
  • How to connect with your partner through movement
  • What we call "exit strategies" i.e. how to keep going if and when you have a misstep
  • A dance that is uniquely yours (we never set the exact same choreography on two couples)

Put simply: You'll learn steps that work with your song, your event, your wardrobe, your abilities, and your vision. Plus, you'll be able to execute them confidently.


Choosing the ideal first dance song is tough, but that's why we're here to help! Often couples will come to us with 3-5 songs they really like, and we'll narrow it down by discussing each song's sentiment, lyrics and what types of moves fit that song. Sometimes couples come to us without any songs in mind. If that's the case for you, we'll help you find "the one" by exploring what type of music inspires you to dance, and what song will best fit your event.


A first dance is often comprised of multiple dance styles that we play with and adapt to suit your song and how you move. That way, the dance is fun and interesting for both you and the guests. Some styles we borrow from are: Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Bachata, and Hustle. If there is a specific dance style you're hoping to work on, let us know! That list is not exhaustive of all the styles we can teach. Keep in mind, when you see a couple who look really great moving together, it's because they are connecting well. It's not necessarily all about fancy moves or a specific dance style. Throughout your lessons, we'll work on your connection so that even the simplest of steps are full of feeling.


If you want a fully choreographed dance packed full of twirls, lifts and dips, we can do that! However, taking dance lessons to prep for your first dance doesn't automatically mean you have to choreograph the whole thing from start to finish, if you don't want to. Some couples find comfort in having a set plan, while others just want to wing it! Typically, we find a compromise between full choreography & full improvisation: we teach you some moves that fit really well with your song that you can lead and follow through improvisation, but we have a clear beginning and ending + a basic outline. It's always good to have a plan, but you'll also learn how to "go with it" if you deviate from that plan.


YES, YES, and YES! If you're a "horrible dancer" to begin with, the only place to go from here is up! It might take more time and patience, but anyone can learn. Not to mention, dancing at your wedding is very different from almost every other dancing experience you'll have. Your friends and family who are watching you dance at your wedding love you and they want to see you succeed. They'll be cheering you on and just be proud that you're out there looking confident on the dance floor (maybe even for the first time)!


You can wear anything that you're comfortable moving in: jeans & t-shirt, work out clothes, a suit, a dress, or just whatever you wore to work today. If you have the shoes you plan on wearing on the big day, bring them in so we can start practicing in them ASAP (the shoes make a big difference). If you're worried about scuffing them up, bring something similar, or brides- we can create "sock booties" to cover up your shoes. If you're wondering what shoes are optimal for dancing, women should wear a low heel (no higher than 3") with a smooth bottom, and men should wear leather-soled shoes. As we get closer to your wedding day, we'll start to try to mimic your wedding-day-wardrobe too (brides, we promise we'll still keep the dress a secret).


We do not offer an ongoing wedding dance group class because we believe it's optimal to learn in a private lesson setting when preparing for your first dance. However, we do offer private group lessons if you'd like to get some friends and family together to learn some basics for the reception! Contact us for specific rates.


We do recommend taking at least 1-3 lessons with your parents to prepare for the wedding if possible. We offer private lessons for parent dances, where for example, just the bride and her father come in for the full hour to work on their dance. Alternatively, we offer private group lessons, where for example, the bride, groom, and all parents come in for a group class. In this case, everyone learns some basic steps to do to each song choice. The small group lesson can be a ton of fun and a great way to get to know the future in-laws better! Not to mention, all lessons are BYOB, so feel free to make a party of it!