CUSTOM Wedding Photography

Because your love is like no other.

There is no one-size-fits-all wedding photography package, which is why our packages are fully customizable based on your needs and desires. We've found that the best way to make for two happy fiances is to schedule a low-stress coffee date, get to know one another, and figure out the best combo of services for your special day. 0% Stress, 100% Fun. Let's do this!

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Here are a couple of popular starter packages to give you an idea for our rates and services. But remember, no two weddings are alike, so please fill out the form below to receive a custom quote & package proposal and set up that coffee date.

Kyle & Kara say "I Do"

Springs Wedding Package

- most popular -

6 Hours of Photography

starts at $1,500

Mini Wedding Package

- great for vow renewals & small weddings -

3 Hours of Photography



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Wedding Photography services include:

  • Consultations & Timeline Advising
  • Assistant or Second Photographer at Every Wedding
  • Additional Hours (up to 10 hours of wedding day photo coverage available)
  • Heirloom Albums
  • Custom Artwork for Your Home
  • Online Photo Gallery
  • USB of Your Digital Negatives
  • Love Story Session (Engagement or Anniversary)

What is a Love Story Session?

John can shoot the standard portrait for the more traditional pictures but where he really shines is the candid, unplanned moments in between.
— Sean M

Ready to Check this off your wedding planning to-do list?

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You have questions, we have answers! FAQS:

+ Do you travel?

Yes! In fact, we love to travel. Our coplimentary travel service area includes Colorado Springs, Pueblo & Denver. Anywhere outside of that service area requires an additional travel fee, which we assess on a case by case basis.

The Personal Online Gallery is basically the coolest thing since sliced bread. You can also order prints, mark photos as favorites, share directly to social media, and invite your friends and family to see how cute you are, all in one place. The Online Gallery doesn't allow for direct downloads of the original images, which is where the USB comes into play->

+ Why do I want that USB of my photos?

The USB is a great way to ensure you'll have your digital negatives forever. Maybe ten years down the line, you want to give your spouse a cute 4x6 reminder of your love, and you can do that conveniently using your digital files. With purchase of the USB, you get full rights to your photos. Your USB will have mid-resolution photos, great for printing small prints and sharing online.

+ What is the benefit of having a second photographer?

A second photographer is a great add-on if you have a large wedding or if you have a lot of important details to capture. One photographer can focus on you as a couple, while the other snaps awesome candid moments of your guests, food, decor, etc.

+ Do I have rights to my photos?

Yes, you do! With all of our packages, you get a USB that gives you rights to share your photos on social media, and recreate prints.

+ Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we love to meet couples and geek out about photographing your special day! Please, schedule a consultation with us! There is no pressure to book with us, just a cup of coffee (or maybe a beer) and a conversation that includes getting to know one another, telling you all about what we can do for you, and answering any questions you might have.

+ What if my wedding goes into "overtime"?

We've been getting this question a lot lately, and it's a legitimate concern. We know that a lot of other vendors have long clauses about crazy hidden fees and overtime charges. We keep it simple. If you're concerned about the potential of needing our services longer than you initially inteded, we add a clause to the contract that says we will check in with you at the established end time of your event to find out if you'd like us to stay. If you would like us to stay, we charge a rate of $250 per hour + tax & 3% credit card processing fee. We keep your credit card on file so we don't have to worry about squaring up, and we'll just charge your card for the balance at the end of the night. By the way, you can tell us to go home at any point. Our maximum over time is 2 hours.

+ How would you describe your style?

We believe first and foremost in capturing your relationship. We seek raw emotion and those candid, unplanned moments in between the poses. Our goal is to get to know every couple and what makes them unique so we can ensure that comes through in the photos.

But, don't get us wrong, posed shots are a ton of fun as well! Rachael's background in dance makes for some pretty cool formations, and we love innovating the basic portrait.

+ How many photos will we get?

Our goal is to get you as many photos as humanly possible. We do not limit the amount of photos we'll edit for you, and we put as many as we can on your USB. Because of that fact, it's impossible for us to answer this question, but you'll have hundreds of photos to have and to hold from this day forward, so who's counting?

+ Why do you offer credits?

We offer credits because we believe strongly in the products and services we are offering credits for. We offer credits for three different things: Albums, Artwork, and Love Story Sessions. The Album is the family heirloom that your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will hold in their hands and look at one day. That heirloom needs to stand the test of time, and it needs to be a beautiful representation of your relationship and your love. We want to help you any way we can to preserve that memory for your family. We offer credits for artwork for a similar reason. When you are reminded of your love and commitment every day, you are more likely to have a happy and sustained romantic relationship with your partner. As a couple, we understand how life's troubles can get in the way of romance and rob us of those simple joys of a sweet hug from our loved one. A cluster of images of the happiest day of your life will undoubtedly do the trick to keep things in perspective when the going gets tough. And third, we offer credits for Love Story Sessions because 1) they're a ton of fun, 2) it helps us get to know you and take even better wedding photos, and 3) your love story deserves to be told. We are here to provide services that contribute to your relationship, and the Love Story Session does just that.

+ What happens if I don't use my credits?

Your credits are valid for one year after your wedding date. If you do not want to use your credits, that's ok! Credits are a gift to you from us and cannot be used towards other services.