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+ Who are group classes best for?

People who have NEVER taken a partner dance class before or have minimal experience with partner dancing.

People who haven’t danced in a while, but would love to get back at it in a low-stress zero-intimidation environment.

Anyone who would consider themselves a beginner dancer.

Anyone who has experience dancing but wants to go back to revisit the basics while supporting other beginner dancers on their journey of learning!

+ DO I have to sign up with a partner?

Nope! We will rotate partners throughout the class to encourage a social environment and provide the best possible learning process for all. You do get a little $2/class discount if you do sign up with a partner. Note that a partner does not have to be a romantic partner, nor do they have to be of the opposite gender. They can be a friend, roommate, or family member, too!

+ What can i expect to get out of group dance classes?

  • New Friends!
  • Greater confidence on the dance floor
  • A better understanding of music
  • The tools you need to have fun dancing with a partner
  • Exercise & Endorphins! Enjoy life with less stress, lots of smiling, and more fun!

+ What is the deadline to sign up?

For once per month classes, you can sign up until the start time of the class. For 4-week session classes, you can sign up as a drop in any time. Just make sure to contact Rachael first to make sure there is space in the class.

+ How many people will be in the class?

We have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 students to ensure that everyone is able to hear the teacher, learn, and have fun!

+ Can I still take the class, even if I'm not a "beginner"?

Yes. However, all students in the class must be willing to participate in a beginner's dance atmosphere. (That means zero intimidation, zero showing off, zero teaching your fellow students). If you are an intermediate or advanced dancer and would like to revisit the basics while helping beginners on their journey of learning to dance, you are more than welcome to join us!