Wedding Dance 101: 5 Tips for an AMAZING First Dance

There are hundreds, if not thousands of details to account for when planning your wedding. Most couples have no idea where to begin when planning for their first dance, so we've got your backs with 5 simple tips to bring grace, comfort and ease to this special moment.

1) Have a plan.

Whether your plan is to: 1) Create a fully choreographed dance from start to finish or; 2) to just not have a plan at all, make sure you discuss the first dance with your fiance EARLY in the planning process. That way, you have time to address any fears or concerns about dancing in front of your friends and family; decide if you want to take dance lessons and seek out an instructor; choose a song that suits you; etc. Communication is key!

2) Choose a song that's totally you.

Put simply, the first dance serves as a metaphor for your relationship. So ask yourselves: what defines you as a couple? Choose a song that reflects that sentiment and make sure it's a song that you both enjoy! Are you romantic? Choose a song with sentimental lyrics. Are you silly and fun? Choose a song with more bounce and flair! Are you laid back? Choose a slow song that makes you want to sway. 

3) Keep it short and sweet.

Most songs are 3 minutes+, which is WAY too long for a first dance. But, not to worry! Whatever song you choose, have your DJ/band fade it out or trim it down for you. The perfect length for a first dance is 1-1.5 minutes.

4) Consider your attire.

Brides to be, if dancing at your wedding is important to you, we advise against 2 specific dress styles: the ballgown and the mermaid. The less fabric or the less restriction that you have, the more you can boogie without worrying about getting stepped on. If you've already committed to one of those styles, just make sure you get a minute to dance it out with your fiance before you get out on the dance floor so there are no surprises about how big of steps you can take, how close you can stand to one another, etc. Grooms to be, just be cautious of those awesome, trendy, slim fit suits...don't do the splits or anything crazy ;)

5) Perform what you practiced.

If you have practiced for your first dance, make sure you stick to the plan! Of course, sometimes anxiety can get in the way of executing your steps perfectly, but there's a difference between a couple of missteps here and there vs. throwing in an unplanned back-flip or dip. Just avoid any un-practiced moves that might land you face-first on the ground or make your fiance nervous.


If you'd like more Wedding Dance Tips, check out our YouTube Channel (coming soon), and stay tuned for more monthly Wedding Dance 101 Blogs! 

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